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c. robert todd 2002 / slide circle

Michael Dwyer and I spent two days with video and film equipment in the shop of Konrad Brzezinski, a Master Watchmaker, during which time we made these portraits of Konrad and his wife Ursula. The film version is 6 minutes long: its charge is to give a sense of the power of the world of the store and their love of it. The video is 12 and a half minutes long and emphasizes their relation to their customers, their history and eachother.

We have since shot more of Rye's local shopkeeps and have made 2 longer pieces which incorporate the Watch Film:

"Rising Tide" (24:00) and "Mom and Pop Shop" (50:00)


c. robert todd 2002 / bars


c. robert todd 2002 / candles


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(Click here for ordering information.Film version is available on DVD 3: "2003-4")

- Film = 6:00, Video = 12:00
(November 2003)
CAST: the Brzezinskis, Various Watches

Post Facilities courtesy of Emerson College
Processed at Cine Labs
Cut by Northeast Negative Matchers