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When There Are No Words...



A friend's highly intelligent seven-year-old son can utter sounds, but they are not intelligible as words. As a visual artist, I am aware of my own world as primarily reveling in an internal space of "not- words". In fact I have trouble generating words that match the richness and strangeness of thought.

I made this short film in sympathy with his state of affairs: as an audio-visual portrayal of the mind floating in a world without linguistic characterization or speech. It is about the birth, the formation of language in a world of other, loving, caring, different human beings that we find as a family. 
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(available on DVD 2: "1997-2002")


(September 1997) 16mm 6:30
Cast: Robert Todd
Tessa Day
Haley Newsham
the extended Spreter family

Camera Assistance from Tessa Day
Processed at Cine Labs
Cut by Northeast Negative Matchers