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TO ORDER DVDs or VHS tapes:

DVDs through REVOIR (Paris)::

REVOIR is working on a DVD monograph of selected films by Robert Todd, including Evergreen, Interplay, Antechamber, Threshold Within and Undergrowth. We are hoping this will be ready for publication this year.

LOWAVE has published DVD sets of works from the Collectif that are available for purchase through REVOIR, 2 of which include pieces of mine:
CINEMA DIFFERENT Volume 1 contains Our Former Glory, and Volume 3 contains CABINET


IN EUROPE: WORM in Rotterdam has disks on sale in (and through) their BOOKSHOP -

To order DVDs DIRECTLY from Robert Todd:

Contact me via Email for order requests or questions via:
Flapping Bird Productions (if clicking on this does not automatically open in your email program, please copy and paste it into the "to" window or your program.) Indicate the disks you would like to order, and I will get back to you about the arrangements. I typically accept payment via PAYPAL and will indicate the paypal account info via email.

The film(s) will be sent to you as soon as payment is processed - price includes shipping costs.


ON Blu-Ray:

BluRay #1: After Morning, Summer Light, Short, Habitat, Falling, Within, Mourning Rite, Summer's Eve, Threshold, Arsenic, Missing Boy, Statuary, Etude, Slow Rise, LoveSong, Undergrowth, Emerald Necklace, Over Water. - $35

BlurRay #2, "HUMAN NATURE" will be available soon (likely mid July), and will include Emerald Necklace, Over Water, Artificial Atmospheres (Tropospheric Renderings), The Hills, and Fountains of Youth.



1. "1997-2002, 7 films": includes the films 'Speak', 'Fisherman', 'Fable', 'Wait', 'Clip', 'Our Former Glory', and 'Trauma Victim'

2. "2003-4": includes the films 'STABLE', 'THUNDER', 'LATENT', 'WATCH (film)', RISING TIDE, and 'FLOWERGIRLS'

3. "2004": includes 'SWING', 'FLOWERGIRLS', and 'RISING TIDE'

4. "IN LOVING MEMORY" (includes this film only)


6. "2007-8": 'Spirit House', 'Antechamber', 'PASSING' and its component films - 'nest', passing, 'fraternity farm', and 'sisters', and "Riverbed"

7. "Mom and Pop Shop" - a video by Robert Todd and Michael Dwyer: a portrait of Main Street '

9. "2009": 'Repair', 'Gathering', 'Spectral Cycle', 'Groundplay', Golden Hour', 'Lullaby', 'Seeking Sunlight', 'Cascade'

10. "2010": 'After Morning', 'Rayning', 'meer (video)', 'Bridges/Blocks', 'Cascade', 'Imperceptihole', 'Super8 Dial', 'Weapons Expert Demonstration', and 'Arsenic'

11. "2011-12": 'Morning Glory','Undergrowth', 'Portcullis', 'Within', 'Habitat', 'Missing Boy (the Path)', 'Crystal Gaze', 'the Mennonite Federation'

12. 'MASTER PLAN' - a feature length documentary folding incarceration into its exploration of "housing" issues.

13. "6/12-2/13": 'Passage','Construct', 'Summer Light', 'Mosaic do Porto', 'Clear Cut', 'Cove', 'DEW', 'Good Farm', 'Sunderlight', 'Trembling Palace', 'Bishopric', 'Movements'

14. "2013": 'Sunderlight', 'Trembling Palace', 'Paris, Lab', 'Threshold', 'Circle Dance', 'Parallel Lines', 'Seawall', 'Perch', 'Free Forms'

15. "2013": 'Roadside Attractions', 'Spans', 'Walks', 'Echosystems', 'Cathedral', 'Postcard', 'Lovesong', 'Winter Present', and 'Short''

16. "2014": 'Winter Present', 'LoveSong', 'At Any Time', 'Shades of Grey', 'Locks', Day Trips (trilogy including 'May I', 'Intercession' and 'Local History'), 'Slow Rise', 'Garden Variety', 'afar', and 'ICE: Black and White' (silent work in progress)

17. "2015.1": 'Coming Cold' trilogy (includes 'Flow', and 'ICE'), 'Falling', 'BorderLands', 'Riverside', 'Over Water'

18. "2015.2": 'Arc of Spring', 'Mourning Rite', 'The Instiution', 'Fountains of Youth', 'Tumble', 'Crack', 'Etude', 'Noon', 'Passers By'

19. "HUMAN NATURE" (2016): 'Emerald Necklace', 'Over Water', 'Artificial Atmospheres, Part One (Tropospheric Renderings)'

20. "2016 Videos": 'Still Movements', 'Collective Visions', 'Winter Dawn', 'Storm', 'The Hills", 'Domicile: Waltz', 'Ghost Town', and 'Flowering', 'Silent Voices', SOL

21. "2016 Films.1": ' 'Daydreams', 'Openings', 'Flight Paths', 'Statuary', 'Stray Marks', 'Fluid Dynamics, 'Phases of Noon', 'Parking'

22. "2016 Films.2": 'Awaiting Summer', 'Summer Stages', 'Doppler Shifts', 'Oblong Box', 'Marking Time', 'Approaching Fall', 'Physical Responses', and 'Daylight Exhibitions'

23. "2017 Films.1": 'LightFall', 'Restless', 'Drifts', 'Refuge', 'Journey', 'Horseplay', and 'Spring Songs'

24. "2017 Films.2": 'Old World', 'Body Languages', 'Natural Order', 'Flowerbed', 'Playing In Traffic', 'Matters of Life and Death', 'Fantasies' and 'Under a Tree'

25. "2017_18": 'Under a Tree', 'Windswept', 'Exile', "Gems", Spring Masks, Bird Blinds

Available on VHS, $10 each
Fable, Wait, Clip, Our Former Glory, Trauma Victim, Clam Up, Happy Peppy Sparky Doggy




For rentals in Europe, Asia Minor, the UK and North Africa, please contact the COLLECTIF JEUNE CINEMA in Paris, France

Several prints will soon be available through Canyon Cinema including:

FABLE: I want the world, Clean (1999, 14:00)
STABLE (2003, 7:30)
THUNDER (2013, 11:00)
EVERGREEN (2006, 15:30)
INTERPLAY (2007, 7:00)
OFFICE SUITE (2007, 14:00)
ANTECHAMBER (2008, 11:00)
GOLDEN HOUR (2009, 14,30)
HABITAT (2010, 10:00)
UNDERGROWTH (2011, 12:00)
WITHIN (2012, 8:30)
SHORT (2013, 5:20)
THRESHOLD (2013, 15:30)
FALLING (2014, 7:00)
AWAITING SUMMER (2016, 12:00)
LIGHTFALL (2017, 14:00)

To make rental arrangements through this site, or to purchase a print, contact Robert Todd directly via email: CONTACT


A copy of CLIP is housed in the Donnell Collection at the NY Public Librar.,

The Harvard Film Archive holds prints of PASSING, OFFICE SUITE and others.

The Canadian Film Makers Distribution Center holds a copy of FABLE.