Clam Up
Fable: I want the world clean
Fisherman: a birthday wish
Speak: when there are no words
Family History
Forgotten Time

Office : Suite
Inside, Outside, Upside Down

A life half lived to the fullest.

From inner space to the end of a day.

This officescape reflects the rhythms of my mind from daybreak-to-break: light journeys within and without my office, in 3 movements: InnerClose with Shadow and Steam (Andante Up, Down, and Sidelong), Exterior Fantasy from Dawn to Break (Allegro in moving colors), and Hallway (the End of that World).

Film Listing

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Office Suite

(2007) 16mm, 14:30
Appearing: Light, shadow, in-between.
Image and sound by Robert Todd

Help from Tessa Day, Melanie Maez, Inigo Cabo and Patrick