Clam Up
Fable: I want the world clean
Fisherman: a birthday wish
Speak: when there are no words
Family History
Forgotten Time

Lost Satellite

Spiritual Freefall.

A depiction of the interface between technology and spirituality born in context of my experience of the death of my uncle. The telephone plays a central role in this film. It is shown to play a special role for the living and the dead.

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(April 1993) 16mm 12:00
Appearing: Raymond Frank
Voices: Nancy Rider, John F. Kennedy, Houston Control, Deborah Todd, Patricia Todd
Music by Tessa Day and Robert Todd
Sound Design: Robert Todd
Photographic and Technical assistance from Tessa Day, Stuart Kelban, Joachim Knill, Vanessa O'Neill, David Stoff, Richard Lerman
Special Thanks to My Super 8 Camera
Printed at Cine Labs