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Fable: I want the world clean
Fisherman: a birthday wish
Speak: when there are no words
Family History
Forgotten Time

Our Former Glory

c. robert todd 2002 / slide circle

A fantasy taking its cue from reliquary objects left to rot along the Brooklyn Promenade, overlooking the site of the former World Trade Center Towers. The film proposes visual similes between impersonal architecture and the language of mass production that define America's most pervasive global export: a living aesthetic culture of utility. Just as we can conceive of sentimental or spiritual offerings as disposable, so too are we led to identify our selves within that aesthetic.


c. robert todd 2002 / bars


c. robert todd 2002 / candles


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(available on VHS, and DVD 2: "1997-2002")

Our Former Glory

(July 2002) 16mm 9:00
CAST: Ana Coppola, Erin Farrell, Karen Rodriquez
Optical Printer courtesy Emerson College
Processed at Cine Labs
Cut by Northeast Negative Matchers