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Daylight Penumbra.

"Within" is a film that sustains a complex condition:
keeping the inner world alive as the camera looks "out" upon the world.
The film, edited mainly in-camera, dives into an interior that drifts increasingly internally, seeking a sort of cave-like milieu that dissolves into abstraction (forms seen in the dark, lacking firm definition, confusing both scales and distances), and then employs real-time complications to bring this internally-directed way of feeling space along with us as it moves into the outside world, or is it an imagined outer world?

The film is a further complication of the perspectival explorations present in "Undergrowth": rather than looking either at a figure or what some imaginary figure might be looking AT, "Within" lives in a state the seems to resist perspectival definition, hovering somewhere between what is "out there" and an internally defined image space that sees along with it. The film exists in a space that is at once shallow and deep, layered and reflective, barely there and yet very much alive. It is twilght.


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(March 2012) 16mm 8:30
CAST: Jamaica Plain
Robert Todd

Processed and Printed at AlphaCine