Clam Up
Fable: I want the world clean
Fisherman: a birthday wish
Speak: when there are no words
Family History
Forgotten Time

Summer Stages


Various stages for presentation and action, with each stage of being developing over time.

The soundtrack is a continual recording of a walk I took that covers a circuit between two subway stops in Boston, during which dominant event is a Latin-American music festival arrived at and receding, intersecting and only incidentally with (and serving as counterpoint to) moments or movements within the image-track which swims in various states of summer activity and light at varied locations, from an opulent farm in the country to an inner-city playground.
            The film thereby creates associational puzzles that can conjure issues of how we determine identity, and how we view diversity and commonalities within the social/public sphere, while also allowing us to reflect on the dynamic between different elements in our environments and how we interact with them as observers and imaginative/thoughtful beings.


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Summer Stages

(September 2016) 16mm Film 17:40
CAST: various fesrtivals