Clam Up
Fable: I want the world clean
Fisherman: a birthday wish
Speak: when there are no words
Family History
Forgotten Time



A High Contrast Correspondence Film. A Science Non-Fiction Fairy Tale. Co-Produced with
Lori Felker.

Things are never as polarized as they appear - 
Circling and searching, falling and landing, entering and exiting; actuality lies between seasons, states, planes and worlds.

Correspondents: Robert Todd (Boston) and Lori Felker (Chicago)
The correspondence:
- RT and LF shoot together, same location, two cameras.
- Retreating to their respective home bases, RT sends LF a roll of film, giving her no parameters for  shooting.
- RT shoots while LF shoots.
- LF sends RT her film for processing.
- RT sends LF a copy of their processed film rolls.
- RT and LF watch the film copies simultaneously while on the phone.
- Repeat 4 times.
- Last round: each shoots a roll in his/her own city, then they meet in one location with these shot rolls in hand, which they swap and double-expose without revealing the contents of the original exposure.
- RT and LF meet to edit together three times, and within this timeframe they concoct a title for the project.
- RT and LF meet once more to create the soundtrack as a live performance.


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(January 2011) 16mm 14:00
CAST: Lori Felker
Robert Todd

Processed and Printed at Cine Labs