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Crystal Gaze


Turning facets over, casting the mirror about, connecting strands of shimmering life within the crystal with the life of the crystal.

Discovering features of
the visible world through intersections with the ontology of the camera, extending features of the camera into the sensible space before the camera.

The film is a collaged stone with many facets. Riffing on the idea of the crystal constructions that make up the lens, other crystalline structures are considered as the film activates visible space in a variety of ways, not only using prisms, mirrors and externally positioned lens elements to complicate the visual field, but also refering to film itself as a crystalline entity, receiving light in ways that allow a gorgeous chemical blooming to take place.
The film also considers nature as a series of crystalline entities (organic and inorganic), and moves across a range of figure-ground relationships to merge points of interest within the varied environments presented, finally employing figurative displacement as a perceiving animal (a la "Undergrowth"'s owl) is introduced.


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Crystal Gaze

(June 2012) 16mm 10:30
CAST: Heron
Robert Todd

Processed and Printed at Fotokem